Meet the StopSOP Slate!

    These 22 lawyers and one paralegal are running on a platform to eliminate the compelled Statement of Principles. They represent regions across the province. You may vote for candidates outside of your own region. Please consider voting for all of them (plus any non-slate candidates endorsed by StopSOP) and ONLY them to ensure that we achieve our goal of electing a Convocation that adheres to its statutory mandate, and gets out of the business of controlling the thoughts and speech of its members. 

    For ease of voting, download the alphabetical list here, or print directly from this webpage.


    The Law Society of Ontario is one of the last self-regulating professional bodies.

    It is a public trust.

    Self-regulation ensures the separation of the legal profession from the state.

    The legal profession in Ontario was entrusted with self-regulation so long as it does so in the public interest.

    The LSO has abandoned its public interest mandate, directly threatening the trust placed in our profession by the public, and threatening the existence of an independent legal profession.

    As Bencher, I support returning the Law Society to its mandate of regulating the profession in the public interest.


    The public interest is served by access to justice, and a strong, competent, diverse, and independent legal profession.

    - The public interest is not served by politicizing the profession. 

    - The public interest is not served by increasing the regulatory and financial burden of practicing law in Ontario.

    - The public interest is not served by operating a $150M/year budget for the Law Society while continuing to run up $7M/year deficits.

    - The public interest is not served by erecting artificial barriers to the practice of law including burdensome articling regulations, ever increasing annual filing requirements, mandatory diversity statements and training, mandatory demographic reporting, and continued expansion of the reach of the regulator into other areas including Law Schools.

    The public interest is best served by an efficient, focused, and responsive regulator. Refocusing convocation on regulating the profession in the public interest and returning the Law Society to its core mandate will ensure access to justice, and a strong, robust, diverse, and independent profession.


    1)             Restore the independence of the legal profession

    2)             Return fiscal responsibility to the Law Society (no more deficits)

    3)             Reduce annual fees (by scaling back mission creep at the LSO)

    4)             Reduce the regulatory burden on the profession

    5)             Depoliticize the Law Society

    6)             Restore ideological diversity to Law Society governance by, inter alia, revoking the compelled Statement of Principles



    • Trial Lawyer, litigating commercial/employment disputes.
    • Called 2002, founded Brown Litigation in 2014. 
    • 2017, joined Dr. Jordan B. Peterson testifying before the Senate on compelled speech.  Testimony viewed over 1 million times on YouTube.
    • October 2017, spoke about authoritarian initiatives from the LSO in a series of YouTube discussions with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Professor Bruce Pardy.
    • February 2018, participated in a CIJA/UJA panel discussion on authoritarianism from the LSO with Bruce Pardy and Treasurer Paul Schabas.
    • July, joined Lindsay Shepherd, Dr. Debra Soh, and Barbara Kay in panel discussion on compelled speech.
    • Commentary on legal issues can be found at including MSM articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, and speaking engagements and on Twitter @litigationguy.