Meet the StopSOP Slate!

    These 22 lawyers and one paralegal are running on a platform to eliminate the compelled Statement of Principles. They represent regions across the province. You may vote for candidates outside of your own region. Please consider voting for all of them (plus any non-slate candidates endorsed by StopSOP) and ONLY them to ensure that we achieve our goal of electing a Convocation that adheres to its statutory mandate, and gets out of the business of controlling the thoughts and speech of its members. 

    For ease of voting, download the alphabetical list here, or print directly from this webpage.


    Wright Business Law

    #StopSOP - As your representative, Nick Wright will fight to cut law society fees, work to eliminate red tape and defend our profession’s traditions and values.

    Reduce Fees

    The law society’s mission creep and resulting bloated budget have led to steadily increasing law society fees that will likely increase significantly in years to come. Nick will fight to cut the gravy to get the law society back on track and focused on its core competency – regulating the legal profession.

    Eliminate Red Tape

    Good lawyers should be left to practice law. Unnecessarily onerous compliance requirements take up valuable time that is better spent serving the public. Nick will work to create efficiencies to reduce compliance time and burden without compromising high standards and public protection.

    Defend our Traditions and Values

    Special interest groups have gained a foothold in convocation. They seek to erase our history, mandate ideological training and implement discriminatory race and sex-based quotas. Nick will stand up to special interest groups to defend our profession’s proud traditions and values. Nick is part of the #StopSOP slate to repeal bylaw 3.1, which sought to compel licensees to promote controversial political speech as a requirement to practice law. The bylaw is now before the Court at significant law society expense.

    Nicholas dePencier Wright
     is a certified specialist in corporate/commercial law and principal of Wright Business Law. He has extensive experience helping organizations structure, negotiate and finance their business strategies. Nick has been actively involved in politics and the not-for-profit sector for many years and is an advisor and board member for a number of organizations. He has frequently appeared in the media advocating for civil liberties and on matters of public policy. Nick holds Law and Masters of Business Administration degrees from Dalhousie University, a masters in tax law LLM from Osgoode Hall Law School and an Honours BA in Philosophy from King’s College, Halifax.