Meet the StopSOP Slate!

    These 22 lawyers and one paralegal are running on a platform to eliminate the compelled Statement of Principles. They represent regions across the province. You may vote for candidates outside of your own region. Please consider voting for all of them (plus any non-slate candidates endorsed by StopSOP) and ONLY them to ensure that we achieve our goal of electing a Convocation that adheres to its statutory mandate, and gets out of the business of controlling the thoughts and speech of its members. 

    For ease of voting, download the alphabetical list here, or print directly from this webpage.


    Burke wrote, “When ancient opinions and rules of life are taken away, the loss cannot possibly be estimated.  From that moment we have no compass to govern us, nor can we know distinctly to what port we steer”.

    When I first heard of the imposition of a Statement of Principles, as a historian and as one with reverence for the traditions that constitute the rule of law, I was aghast and then moved to action.  From Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence; from the Gettysburg address to “We will never surrender”, our shared history is one of sacrifice and struggle to see true justice prevail. 

    That justice is under assault, by those who know not what it truly is or from where it emanates.  Theirs is a history of emotion not fact. While there is no denying past historical tragedies, they reinforce the frailty and imperfection of mankind. We strive towards perfection by embracing our long and storied traditions and precedents. We seek no predetermined outcomes based on how loudly one group screams; we seek examination, governed by evidence and the crucible of the law, and we arrive at justice.

    I believe in objective analysis, in the academic process, and the rules of evidence. Through this great process diverse backgrounds and traditions can arrive at a common goal, a just and tolerant society. 

    I will therefore work for and support the repeal of the Statement of Principles and its associated accoutrements, which have the stench of “reeducation camps” about them.  I will support the adherence to the rule of evidence in all disciplinary matters.  I will support a Law Society that does not break from its sacred motto, Let Right Prevail.   

    I am a tax strategist working with clients and professional advisors across Canada. Together with my wife and three young daughters we make our home in Ancaster.

    I was called to the Ontario Bar in 1996. I am a member of the Ontario Bar Association, Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, Canadian Tax Foundation, Hamilton Law Association, Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting, the Royal Canadian Military Institute and the Albany Club.

    LL.M (Taxation) Osgoode Hall 2013

    LL. B Queen’s University 1994

    M.A. (History) University of Toronto

    BA. (Hons) Trinity College, University of Toronto