Meet the Slate!

    These 22 lawyers ran on a platform to eliminate the compelled Statement of Principles, known as StopSOP. They were elected with top votes from across the province and will serve the profession as benchers until 2023.

    Their campaign was organized and led by the StopSOP Team, which included these non-bencher lawyers and paralegals and many others who helped in various capacities:

    Lisa Bildy
    Bruce Pardy
    Michael Menear
    Donald Kilpatrick
    Bilal Bhatti
    Sadie Etemad
    Ian Wilkinson


    I believe that all individuals, regardless of race, color, creed, ethnicity or sexual orientation should be entitled to practice law without fear of discrimination.  The Statement of Principles obligation is based on excluding certain segments of society from the practice of law and compels our members to promote special interest groups over other members of society. 


    The practice of law is undergoing rapid changes.  Clients are looking for lawyers to use more technology and deliver cheaper and more efficient legal services. 


    Universities are graduating more students than traditional business models can accommodate.  Mandatory retirement policies are forcing senior lawyers out of their existing partnership positions.  The traditional LLP business model is not meeting the needs of our industry. 


    The past decade has seen a rise in special interest and social engineering policies in the Law Society which has resulted in over-regulation of our profession.  Over-regulation increases operating costs for our members, stymies innovation and prevents the development of new business models that will improve access to justice.  The Law Society should resist the tendency to regulate the business of law and restrict its activities to regulating the practice of law.


    Law schools produce excellent graduates that understand legal theories underlying the practice of law.  However, they do not produce graduates that understand the business of law or the management of a legal practice.

    As a Bencher I will:

    • work to repeal the mandatory Statement of Principles;
    • advocate for policies of inclusion for all and not exclusion based on special interest group biases;
    • advocate for policies that promote increased use of technology in the practice of law;
    • advocate for new and innovative business models that allow for new and experienced lawyers to discover creative ways provide legal services and improve access to justice;
    • work to simplify the regulatory regime and reduce the number of social engineering policies that we have been subject to;
    work towards improving the quality and the delivery of education programs that improve our members’ use of technology, practice management and business management tools.

     BLP LAW Professional Corporation, Founder & Principal

    Sole Practitioner practicing corporate and securities law with a focus on corporate finance and securities transactions, exempt market financings and IPOs.  Provide legal services to mining, tech and start-up companies.

    Called to the Bar

    Ontario – 2002

    New York – 2003


    BA, LLB, (2000) MBA (2001) & LLM (2009)

    Volunteer Activities

    Member of the Securities Law Sub-Committee of the OBA and has served as a member of the Executive Boards of the Natural Resources Section and the Business Section of the OBA.

    Securities Committee for the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, Director and President of the Private Capital Markets Association, Director of the Toronto Business Development Centre.