Meet the Slate!

    These 22 lawyers ran on a platform to eliminate the compelled Statement of Principles, known as StopSOP. They were elected with top votes from across the province and will serve the profession as benchers until 2023.

    Their campaign was organized and led by the StopSOP Team, which included these non-bencher lawyers and paralegals and many others who helped in various capacities:

    Lisa Bildy
    Bruce Pardy
    Michael Menear
    Donald Kilpatrick
    Bilal Bhatti
    Sadie Etemad
    Ian Wilkinson

    Barrister & Solicitor

    As your representative I can speak for the interests of sole practitioners and small firm lawyers working outside large urban centres. I will demand respect for the practice of Family Law within the profession and will defend our profession’s traditions and values.

    Elevate Family Law Practice

    The Family Law Action Plan is seriously flawed and there is no supporting evidence that it will address access to justice for Ontario families.  The Action Plan goes beyond the recommendations in Justice Bonkalo’s report and looks to quickly implement another licensing framework to begin in 2020.  The objections of the Family Law Bar were largely ignored by the Committee and submissions from the profession were given no consideration. Convocation demonstrated a lack of understanding of family law practice and rejected the expertise of its own family law licensees. 

    Reduce Fees    

    The law society’s mission creep and bloated budget have led to increasing law society fees. The law society needs to get back on track and focused on its core competency and rationale, regulating the legal profession.

    Defend our Traditions and Values

    Special interest groups have gained a foothold in convocation.  Licensees are now required to participate in “accelerating a cultural shift.”  Convocation is mandating ideological training and implementing discriminatory race and sex-based quotas. It seeks to identify all licensees primarily in racialized, gender and ethnic categories.  In doing so they seek to erase our history and run roughshod over established legal principles and charter rights.  Cheryl will stand up to these special interest groups to defend our profession’s proud traditions and values.  Cheryl is part of the #StopSOP slate to repeal bylaw 3.1 which sought to compel licensees to promote controversial political speech as a requirement to practice law.   

    Cheryl Lean has been practicing family law and child protection law in Prince Edward County since 2004, having previously practiced, family law, employment law and civil litigation in Ottawa for 12 years.  She is a sole practitioner and many of her clients are low income and vulnerable. She has long been committed to facilitating access to justice.  Cheryl graduated from Dalhousie Law School (now Schulich School of Law) in 1989, was called to the bar of Ontario in Ottawa in 1991, in 2003 she was granted an LLM by Osgoode Hall Law School.  Cheryl served for several years on the Board of the Hastings County Law Association and served as its president from 2007 until 2009.