Meet the Slate!

    These 22 lawyers ran on a platform to eliminate the compelled Statement of Principles, known as StopSOP. They were elected with top votes from across the province and will serve the profession as benchers until 2023.

    Their campaign was organized and led by the StopSOP Team, which included these non-bencher lawyers and paralegals and many others who helped in various capacities:

    Lisa Bildy
    Bruce Pardy
    Michael Menear
    Donald Kilpatrick
    Bilal Bhatti
    Sadie Etemad
    Ian Wilkinson

    Geoff Pollock and Associates

    I am running because our society needs to focus more on empowering our members and less on its own perception and branding. We need to do more to ensure that the public receives top-quality service from new and existing lawyers. We need to spend less time and money on billboards and transit ads which do nothing to serve members or protect the public.

    I oppose the implementation of a statement of principles for the same reasons. Our law society needs to focus on protecting the public from problem practitioners, not engineering the political values of its members. If elected, I will work with my fellow benchers to repeal this needless and divisive burden on the profession.

    In addition to opposing the statement of principles, my campaign focuses on four principal areas:

    1. Better Training for New Lawyers – I have spoken to many members, who agree that new lawyers are less and less equipped to handle the demands of practice. In addition, it has become more challenging for new graduates to find articles. If elected, I will explore solutions so that our law school graduates can hit the ground running.

    2. Improve Support for Pro Bono Ontario – The biggest barrier to access to justice is the cost of retaining a lawyer. Our society must do more to ensure that those who cannot afford a lawyer can still access high-quality legal advice for a variety of matters. If elected, I will advocate for crediting CPD hours to members who volunteer their time with Pro Bono Ontario.

    3. Prosecute Serious Ethical Breaches – As guardians of the profession, our society needs to focus less on prosecuting small errors, and more on behaviour that directly undermines the public's confidence in lawyers and other legal professionals.

    4. Recognize Outstanding Lawyers – Our society needs to do more to celebrate the exceptional work of our members across the province. The best way to improve our society’s image and the perception of lawyers is to shine a spotlight on the good community and charitable work of our members at all levels of practice. If elected, I will advocate for more ways to recognize and promote members of our profession across Ontario.

    See my full plan and bio at: or call me at 416 777 0088 to share your ideas and ask any questions regarding my candidacy.

    I am a proud husband, father, and Western graduate, but I am proudest of having served our country as a Canadian Army Reservist.

    I was called in 2010 and previously came from a career in investment banking. I live in Toronto with my wife Evgeniya, and our three children, Daniel, Elizabeth, and Alexandra.

    I have my own law firm, Geoff Pollock & Associates, where our team practices real estate, corporate law, wills & estates, and litigation.

    Outside of work, I am an avid community volunteer and am passionate about public service. I have served on many boards, run in a federal election, and was a founding member of Haven Toronto’s The Fortunate 500, a charity focused on homeless senior men.