Meet the Slate!

    These 22 lawyers ran on a platform to eliminate the compelled Statement of Principles, known as StopSOP. They were elected with top votes from across the province and will serve the profession as benchers until 2023.

    Their campaign was organized and led by the StopSOP Team, which included these non-bencher lawyers and paralegals and many others who helped in various capacities:

    Lisa Bildy
    Bruce Pardy
    Michael Menear
    Donald Kilpatrick
    Bilal Bhatti
    Sadie Etemad
    Ian Wilkinson

    Miller Canfield
    1. LSO seems intent on converting itself into a social change agent in what it calls an “accelerated culture shift.”  In consequence, Convocation has decided that you and I are to be pressed into active service as promotional agents for EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) via its enforcement mechanism, SOP (the Statement of Principles). 
    2. In so doing, LSO has, to a worrisome extent, demonstrated excessive single-issue devotion to a social agenda.  It has confused social activism with the appropriate regulation of lawyerly practice. 
    3. The public requires a more broadly balanced approach that honours the key aspects of lawyerly practice, sound standards of learning, professional competence and conduct.
    4. It may well be that EDI is a laudable goal.  Yet laudability does not bestow jurisdiction. In my view, LSO has no authority to require that we sign a statement of allegiance to anything.  Until now, it has never purported to do so.
    5. Moreover, SOP is structured as a personal interest that we are each required to adopt.  It is no stretch of the imagination to say that our clients who come into conflict with any EDI regime might well be concerned about our allegiance to SOP.  They may rightly perceive that we have compromised our professional independence and loyalty to them when we disclose to them - as we must - a pre-existing allegiance to SOP.
    6. I promise to vote so as to convert SOP into a practice guideline.
    7. Please support the candidates who are running as part of the StopSOP slate.
    8. Last, I urge all lawyers, especially our younger members, to be and become jealous guardians of our professional independence, now and into the future.

    Since 1980, I have practiced tax planning in Windsor at Miller Canfield and its predecessor firms.  Throughout my career, I have lectured on tax planning for diverse associations, including the Canadian Tax Foundation, the Michigan State Bar, and Michigan’s Public Accountants.

    I am a past director of TV Ontario and past lay member of the Council of the College of Optometrists.

    I devote personal time to part-time academics.  I am about to complete an MA and begin a new project at the University of Windsor.  My area of study is theological aesthetics comprising Jewish, Islamic and Eastern studies and visual arts.

    I also volunteer as a church deacon by serving the needs of men recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.