Problem #3 - The SOP is Indicative of Mission Creep and Financial Mismanagement

    Did you know that the LSO's 2018 budget projected an operating deficit of $7,541,400, and the 2019 budget projects an operating deficit of $8,711,400? 

    Did you know that the “public awareness campaign” sponsored by the LSO to increase its own public recognition among Ontarians is budgeted to cost $1,200,000 ($600,000 spent in 2018, and a further projected expenditure of $600,000 in 2019)?

    The Law Society has been expanding its mission, and that mission creep comes with an ever-expanding bureaucracy and ballooning costs. The SOP is emblematic of both. Are you aware that the Equity Initiatives Department of the LSO employs a staff of seven full-time employees with an annual budget of $1,500,000?  This newly-established department will be a permanent one. Its budget will expand in the years ahead to design, monitor, and ultimately enforce the LSO Equality Diversity & Inclusion initiative.

    Did you know that the LSO’s 2019 budget calls for 615 full-time-equivalent (FTE) employees, with an average annual remuneration of $113,758 (based on $69,961,200 budgeted for salaries and benefits) and total expenditures of $142,535,700? Yes, that is 142 million dollars, a budget approaching that of the budget of the City of Oshawa, with a population of 160,000 people and 773 FTE employees.

    Did you know that over the last four years of the current governance by existing Benchers, the LSO’s budget has increased over 30 per cent from $109,014,215? For further comparison, total expenditures for 2006 were just $66,486,000. The budget has more than doubled in just 13 years (albeit with some growth in the profession during this period as well, including the addition of paralegals). 

    How much of your annual dues is the LSO spending to defend its use of the word "promote" and its violation of lawyers' and paralegals' Charter freedoms in compelling the Statement of Principles?

    Did you know there is a solution? The StopSOP slate of Candidates is committed to repealing Requirement 3(1) of the EDI initiative.