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      Press Release:

      StopSOP Bencher candidates elected to Convocation to repeal the SOP


      May 1, 2019
      London, Ontario

      StopSOP is pleased to announce that all 22 of its lawyer candidates for Bencher have been elected to Convocation. Thank you to our many donors, volunteers, supporters (public and private), and of course voters from around the province for their steadfast and enthusiastic support. Our platform promised to end the Law Society’s Statement of Principles policy, adopted in December 2016, which requires all licensees “to adopt and to abide by a statement of principles acknowledging their obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion generally, and in their behaviour towards colleagues, employees, clients and the public.” The requirement compels speech, infringes freedom of thought and conscience, and imposes a political litmus test for the practice of law in Ontario.  Our newly elected Benchers will get to work to repeal the SOP.

      We congratulate all candidates on their campaigns and look forward to working with other elected Benchers to rein in the Law Society’s ever-expanding mission, bureaucracy and ballooning budgetary expenditures. 

      Lisa Bildy
      StopSOP Campaign Chair