Links to Other Articles

    The editorial boards of both national newspapers, as well as various opinion columnists, have condemned the Law Society’s initiative. You may wish to review these links if you haven’t already done so:

    Editorial Board Denunciations:

    Globe editorial: Ontario law society can’t put words in people’s mouths

    NP View: Law society's controversial statement of principles should be struck down

    News Articles:

    StopSOP was featured in this article on Feb. 12, 2018: Canadian Lawyer Magazine: Online Campaign Questions LSO Statement of Principles

    Cato Institute: Ontario Bar Requires Lawyer Pledge to “Promote Equality”

    Law Times News: LSUC statement of principles faces some backlash

    Constitutional Challenge:

    Press Release from Canadian Constitutional Foundation re Update on Constitutional Challenge

    Constitutional challenge by Professor Ryan Alford

    Research Papers

    Professor Art Cockfield, published in Queen’s Law Research Paper Series, "Limiting Lawyer Liberty: How the Statement of Principles Coerces Speech"

    Opinion Articles:

    Marty Gobin in the Ottawa Citizen: "The Law Society's diversity policy doesn't include diverse views"

    Troy Media: The Law Society of Ontario's Unprincipled "Statement of Principles" by Karen Selick

    Convivium: The Law Society of Orwell, by Albertos Polizogopoulos

    Sadie Etemad in the Canadian Lawyer: Why the Statement of Principles Troubles Me as a Visible Minority

    Globe and Mail Opinion: Lawyers should be held to standards – not beliefs

    Globe and Mail Opinion: Why I’m ignoring the Law Society’s Orwellian dictate

    CBC Opinion: An arm of the state should not be forcing lawyers to declare their values

    Barbara Kay: Ontario Law Society to Police "Thought Crimes" of its Members 

    Bruce Pardy in National Post: Law society's new policy compels speech, crossing line that must not be crossed

    National Post: Ontario lawyers must say they promote equality, or else after law society rejects exemption for conscientious objectors

    Jonathan Kay in National Post: Law society's inflated view of lawyers' importance leads it to compel speech

    Jay Cameron in Ottawa Citizen: Ontario lawyers now face their own free-speech battle

    Leonid Sirota in CBA National: The LSUC should stick to its statutory knitting

    National Post - Brian Smeenk: The Law Society of Orwell

    The Advocate Daily: 
    LSO's statement of principles more talk than action


    Elias Munshya: On Diversity, Inclusion, And Equality In The Legal Profession: My Response To Jennifer Quito

    Double Aspect (Leonid Sirota): The Law Society’s demand for a “Statement of Principles” is a totalitarian values test

    Double Aspect: Profession of Power 

    SLAW (Alice Woolley): Ontario’s Law Society: Orwell’s Big Brother or Fuller’s Rex? (particularly noting the comments following the article)


    Runnymede Society Debate: Is the Statement of Principles an Unjustified Form of Compelled Speech?

    A Call to Rebellion for Ontario Legal Professionals (Jordan Peterson, Bruce Pardy, Jared Brown)

    Update: Law Society of Ontario Compelled Speech (Peterson, Pardy & Brown)

    This interview between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Claire Lehman, editor of Quillette magazine, includes an interesting discussion on the Statement of Principles, beginning at about minute 49. It was recorded last November, but only recently released. Well worth a listen!

    Sadie Etemad's Views on the Statement of Principles as a Racialized Licensee (prepared by the Canadian Constitution Foundation)

    Why Sadie Etemad Opposes the Statement of Principles (prepared by the CCF)

    Sadie Etemad: Value Promotion is a New and Unjustified Requirement (prepared by the CCF)

    Sadie Etemad: Statement of Principles Will Not Help Fight Racism (prepared by the CCF)