Your Letters to the Law Society and Annual Report Submissions

    In the background materials posted on the Law Society website for Convocation in December of 2017, a brief of supportive letters was included. None of the many letters written by lawyers and legal associations which expressed concern about the Statement of Principles, or the EDI initiative generally, were included. 

    Here is your opportunity to share your letter with your colleagues, if you wish. You may also share the wording you use on your Annual Report, when you say "No" to the Statement of Principles.

    Content will be reviewed in advance for relevance and suitability, and we reserve the right to decline any submission at our discretion.

    All submitted content reflects the opinions of the writer only, and not necessarily those of the StopSOP team. 

    Please include your full name and location of practice, and provide a Word version of your letter, if possible. 

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    • Mar22Thu

      Annual Report Submission re Statement of Principles

      March 22, 2018 Chris Dobson
      Involuntary statements are immoral. As they are lacking in moral authority, even when the intention is to force a perceived good, one cannot be required by law to make them. I object to the inclusion of the SOP in the Annual Report and will not acknowledge them even under threat of sanction.  I do not acknowledge the claims of the Final Report as valid. Convocation lacks the authority to sanction licencees who have committed no offence other than to refuse to comply with a totalitarian requirement by forcing a declaration that they may not agree with or to falsely declare something which the licencee does not believe to be true.  It offends my freedom of conscience, expression and religion.