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    • When bencher Joe Groia introduced a motion in convocation in November 2017 to provide a "conscientious objector" exemption to the SOP requirement, I sent him the following email, which he shared with other benchers. Mr. Groia's motion was defeated.

      Mr. Groia

      I am writing to you to thank you for bringing your motion in Convocation regarding the new requirement of the adoption of a “Declaration of Principles” by all members.

      I was born and raised in communist Czechoslovakia. My parents and my brothers left in 1969, leaving behind family, friends and employment because my father, a government functionary, was unwilling to publicly declare his support for the 1968 occupation by “the fraternal forces” of the Warsaw Pact and for the new regime and its “principles”.

      The requirement of a Declaration of Principles is abhorrent to me. My parents left behind all they had to oppose the government’s imposition of required beliefs on them and I will not betray their sacrifice by complying with the Law Society’s diktat.

      Thank you again for your efforts.

      Lubomir Poliacik