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    The StopSOP Team is hosting a workshop on October 27 for those interested in running for Bencher on our slate of candidates. Other interested supporters are also welcome to attend. Anyone considering standing for election on a platform that includes revoking the Statement of Principles is encouraged to contact us for further information.

    July 17, 2018 - Update on the Alford constitutional challenge: Canadian Lawyer. Proceedings should have been brought in Divisional Court, not S.C.J. The full decision may be found here.

    Similar E.D.I. initiatives are taking root in Nova Scotia: Canadian Lawyer

    Jonathan Kay's speech to the Law Society of BC on the importance of the Rule of Law, printed in Quillette Magazine.

    Another thought-provoking article in Quillette Magazine by undergraduate student Coleman Hughes, who writes: "The disparity fallacy and the denial of cultural factors conspire to create a dynamic that I call the Racism Treadmill: as long as cultural differences continue to cause disparities between racial groups, and as long as progressives imagine that systemic racism lies behind every disparity, then no amount of progress in reducing systemic racism, however large or concrete, will ever look like progress to progressives." (Emphasis added)

    Trying to understand the rise of "diversity, inclusion and equity" policies and their connection to law schools? Quillette Magazine has an excellent backgrounder: Beyond All Warnings: The Radical Assault on Truth in the Law

     March 2018 - As the Law Society rolls out EDI initiatives such as "unconscious bias training" (offered this month by the CBA as well), it is important to understand the limitations, and even negative consequences, of such testing. Jared Brown explores the issue in depth in his blog.